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Baby Wrap & Medical Fever Thermometer Combo

Baby Wrap & Medical Fever Thermometer Combo

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Baby Carrying Wrap

A UC Davis study proved closeness of hearts can have a physiological effect of synchronizing heartbeats. Expose your baby girl to productive routines and visual stimulation to positively impact her development. Customers report a greater frequency of regular sleep patterns

Still Unsure? Benefits for YOU will surely have you buying now. Infants want attention, to be held, struggle sleeping, and can suffer from colic. Nurture, pacify, and swaddle your baby with hands free privileges so you can still get your chores accomplished and to-do lists crossed off

Breastfeeding can be arduous, especially in public, but now you can privately breastfeed with the baby wrap as a cover. This machine washable baby cloth can double as burping cloth, changing pad, nursing cover & pillow, or cloth wipe

Medical Grade Body Temperature and Fever Recognition Thermometer

Accuracy and speed become important factors in your decision to call a doctor or administer more medication, which means that the tools you use to assess your loved one’s health must be fast, accurate and reliable. Don't be fooled by non-medical grade knockoffs. The benefits and features of this Clinical Grade Fever Thermometer will more than justify your purchase. Easily and quickly track small changes in temperature, as precise as a basal thermometer with a more comprehensive and conclusive reading.