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How to Sleep Better?

How to Sleep Better? 

We always jokingly refer to great sleep to that of a baby, and you can take some key lessons from a sleeping baby.  Although, even the sleeping pattern of a baby is not optimal for your body.  You may be afflicted by something more threatening than mild insomnia, so please consult your doctor before taking any advice from a blogger :). Below I will outline 5 tips to ease yourself into a deep sleep, as well as how to maintain that sleep.

  1. Setting up your Space
  • Your Room, and more specifically your bed, should be a sanctuary for sleep. With the only exception being sex, your mind will start to associate your bed with deep sleep if that’s what it is primarily used for. Ambiance in your room could be a factor in falling asleep. Try lighting candles before bedtime (be sure to blow them out before falling asleep), play some soothing music or calming sounds, and make sure the room is dark.
  1. Breathe Deep and Settle the Mind
  • Going to sleep should be like a mild meditation as you clear your mind of the clutter it accumulated throughout the day. It may be advantageous to stretch before getting into bed, which will get the blood oxygenated and your breathing will be slightly heavier than normal. Take this deep breathing a step further and inhale through your nose, filling all the way up and holding at the top. You will release the breathe at the same slow pace you inhaled.
  1. Don’t Lose Focus on The Breath
  • I feel like I should emphasize this, because my brain has been known to wander off and start bringing light to the most unnecessary thoughts. But, if you continue to breathe deeply and try to calm your mind, you WILL fall into a state of peaceful sleep.
  • TIP: Try counting down from your age both on the inhale and exhale, so I am 27 so I will Inhale (27), exhale(27), inhale(26), exhale(26), inhale (25)... and so on down to 0. If you lose count, just start over. It’s a more breath-centric form of counting sheep.
  1. Bed, Sheets, Pillows
  • Many people enjoy unique sleeping situations, such as water beds and hammocks. But you just want to make sure your bed is serving you properly. If you wake up feeling sore for no apparent reason, you may be tossing and turning at night because of an uncomfortable bed/bedding. Pillow technology is advancing at a surprising rate, after being stagnant for so long. Now, you have the choice of memory foam, cotton, bamboo, cooling gel, shredded memory foam, beads, and many more varieties of pillows. Just make sure you have a pillow that works for you, here is our comfort certified Dr. Blitzby Bamboo Pillow.   

You will also want to ensure your room is kept to a comfortable temperature, and your sheets/blankets support this temperature. There is nothing worse than waking up sweating only to kick off your blankets and wake up an hour later freezing. Whatever you do, make sure you are comfortable!

  1. Lifestyle REHAB
  • Some of the things that can totally ruin your night sleep, and things you should look to change about your lifestyle.
  1. Caffeine: Try to limit your intake to 1 cup of coffee per day, and keep it within a certain time frame (aka. No Caffeine after 4pm).
  2. Alcohol: You may think getting drunk and passing out is a great way to get to sleep, WRONG! Typically you fall and stay asleep about as well as you usually do other daily tasks while drunk, HORRIBLY!
  3. Naps: Yes, naps are amazing. But if you have trouble sleeping at night then naps should be prohibited. This is because you are taking a nap to make up for lost sleep last night, and will balance back by not being able to sleep tonight.
  4. Timelines: Try to get to sleep and wake up at the same time every day (even weekends) this will help acclimate your body to the routine of a healthy sleeping pattern.

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