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Bamboo Pillow Benefits: What is it?

What is the Bamboo Pillow?

The Bamboo Pillow is a recent innovation within the industry, and has gained a lot of popularity in the last few years. What differentiates your Bamboo Pillow from the typical cotton filled, Polyester hollowfibre, down pillows, or feather filled pillows is the shredded memory foam filling. You might find this pillow a happy medium between the conventionally cotton filled pillow and a solid memory foam core, because the shredded memory foam acts similar to both memory foam and cotton filling. The neck support for back, stomach, and side sleepers is ample and relieves pressure in our spine after a long day of work or play.

The Bamboo Pillow Cover

The pillowcase is where the natural bamboo actually presides, having real bamboo fibers weaved as the thread of the Bamboo pillow cover. Why is Bamboo in my pillow? Since bamboo grows naturally on every continent except Europe, the miracle material has been utilized and exploited by India, China, and other civilizations for it’s ability to feed, house, and cloth. Bamboo is environmentally sustainable in its production since it grows fast, dense, and consumes a tiny footprint in comparison to other crops. Bamboo is strong which is why it can provide shelter, and the fibers extracted can make strong textiles. Bamboo has been studied in India and China, and however there remains some contention over the subject, it is believed by some to retain the plant’s antibacterial and antimicrobial abilities. *The FDA has policies against this claim in retail, just so you know the facts of the debate.

Shredded Memory Foam

The Bamboo Pillow review that many customers report is initial surprise of the pillows filling, but many come to love the shredded memory foam common in bamboo pillows. The shredded memory foam is a compilation of different memory foam cushions of varying firmness cut into small kernels, almost like popcorn. This method of memory foam filling, as mentioned above, is the best of both worlds incorporating the highly popular memory foam in the form factor of a classic cotton or feather stuffed pillow.

Another amazing benefit of the memory foam provides in a typical bamboo pillow is adequate airflow. You have most likely encountered the overheated pillow only to flip it over for the cold side, and repeating this many times during the night. The cool side of the pillow is a beautiful thing, but many bamboo pillow advocates argue that the shredded memory foam allows for air to circulate within your pillow, eliminating the need to flip your pillow at all.

Stomach, Back, and Side Sleepers Unite

I don’t know about you but I am an ‘all of the above’ sleeper. I usually start out sleeping on my side, and then progress to my stomach and typically wake up on my back. Obviously everyone has their favorite position, so just rest assured you will be satisfied with this versatile pillow. Majority of the negative bamboo pillow reviews is tied to the filling being too thick and overwhelming for a petite body type, but there are some solutions to get around this. The bamboo pillow case typically has a zipper which gives you close access to your shredded memory foam repository. It might be worth your time to remove some of the memory foam to make for a thinner pillow.

Relief from Snoring, Neck Pain, TMJ, and More

It is not uncommon to hear feedback from passionate bamboo pillow users that they experienced better sleep, and their significant others have been relieved of a restless night due to someone’s snoring. And although many bamboo pillow sales and follow up feedback indicate a relief from Snoring, Neck Pain, and other ailments. It is not a guaranteed solution. For instance, Sleep Apnea can be a life threatening condition where your tongue falls back, blocking your esophagus and subsequent breathing. Although there are CPAP machines, medical devices, and other remedies -- surgery is the most effective form of relief. If you snore despite using a bamboo pillow, it might be worth your while to consult a doctor because sleep apnea actually causes you to stop breathing and has resulted in death.

Bamboo Pillow Where to Buy?

There are many resources for you to buy bamboo pillows, and although you might be one of those people that prefers to feel and test out their pillow in person, there are bamboo pillow stores online. If you do buy online, then perhaps browsing reviews and taking advantage of Amazon’s customer service can help you make up your mind.




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