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Best Baby Carrier - Wraps, Slings, Backpacks, Mei Tai, and More!

Styles of Baby Carriers

The Baby Carrying Wrap has been a tool in the parenting arsenal for thousands of years, and we have built on this instinctual method of keeping your baby close, safe, and warm. Mothers and fathers alike have noticed the seemingly all-encompassing benefits the baby carrier offers. We will make both pro and con arguments in this article in hopes of giving informational yet unbiased content. The purpose of this article is to educate you on the various baby carrier options and techniques, you will also learn the advantages and disadvantages of each.

These days, there is a wide assortment of slings and carrying methods to look over. Some parents find it necessary to purchase all variations of the baby carrier, to be prepared for every situation. Others find a happy medium with one or two of these products, employed in varying situations. Let’s dive in and learn about your baby wearing options.

Best Baby Wrap

There are various styles and forms of baby carriers and wraps, which can serve different needs for different situations. One areas of differentiation is how you wish to carry your little one, whether on your back, hip, or chest, there will be a solution for you. Another decision you will want to consider before purchasing your baby carrier is in what frequency, duration, and setting it will be used. For example, some heavy duty baby carriers are great for hiking and carrying for long distances, but probably are not the daily method of carrying.

Mei Tai

These traditional baby carriers of ancient chinese origin are still widely popular today. The Mei Tai typically has straps that go over your shoulders, a full piece of fabric to support baby, and two loose ends to tightly secure. The Mei Tai is great because of the various wearing styles, such as back, hip, and chest baby wearing. They may be difficult to keep clean as the heavy duty carriers are discouraged from any washing machine due to the straps.

Baby Hiking Backpack

This is a great product from a duration standpoint, as it balances your baby on your back while sustaining low back support. These are typically more expensive, but if you are avid hikers it is a great way to stimulate your baby’s development as well as your goals towards a more active lifestyle. Disadvantages of the baby backpack include the higher price point, and especially the ease in which your child can outgrow this product.

Ring Sling

This is basically the same form as a typical baby wrap, only instead of tying the wrap around the waist, it is threaded through the rings and can be tightened and loosened as seen necessary. This is a great hip carrying method, if that is your preferred baby positioning. Although a side/hip carry might be comfortable for you, it is recommended a front or back carry to distribute this additional weight on your body. It’s probably not hard to imagine having this extra weight on one side of your body has an effect on your posture. One complaint when using a ring sling with newborns, is the comfort uncertainty of newborns. The ring sling wrap covers your baby in entirety which can seem to smother your child.

Baby Sling

In our opinion the baby sling is best compared to a ‘daily driver’ as it is the most versatile, easy to pack, and easily cleaned. The baby sling is also an amazing tool for breastfeeding in public, because the wrap can be situated for ease of latch and can provide ample privacy. The baby wrap also has many different tying techniques which allows you to wear your baby in basically any position. Being machine washable the baby wrap can even substitute for burping cloths, changing pads, or cloth wipes if need be. A disadvantage of the traditional baby wrap is that it arrives as a single piece of cloth, which some parents complain is difficult to learn how to use. Although there is a bit of education required to use this babywearing method, once learned many parents report it is their favorite method of baby carrying.

Utilizing a sling or other kind of child carrier takes some practice. It might take a couple tries for you and your child to feel good and secure. Yet, since both of you will profit by infant wearing for quite a long time, even years, to come, it's justified regardless of the exertion. One recommendation for getting the infant used to the sling is to begin strolling when you get things balanced. You will immediately become aware of the benefits for you and your productivity, but in time you will also notice the benefits for your baby. We plan to outline the amazing benefits of babywearing for you and your baby in a future article, be sure to sign up to receive exclusive updates and especially discounts on baby products.